Projekt EVS 1-30 czerwca w Bułgarii – zapraszamy

Szanowni Państwo,

Wolontariat Europesjki to program finansowany przez Komisję Europejską. Nasz partner z Bułgarii otrzymał informację o rozpoczęciu naboru na wyjazd do Bułgarii, w związku z tym otwieramy rekrutację.

Profil kandydata: osoba zainteresowana muzyką, tańcem, sztuką, kulturą, wiek 18-31 lat.

Opis projektu (w języku angielskim).

The project is approved! I’m sending you again short description to remind you the topic of project:

The project consists of a short-term EVS mobility (30 days) in which will take part 25 young people from 4 European countries. They will participate, along with local volunteers, in different cultural events in the framework of the Ruse carnival which will be held in June, 2015 in Ruse, Bulgaria. The youngsters will have the unique opportunity to support and to be directly involved in the activities of planning, implementation and follow-up of the Carnival and its events and initiatives. In this way the volunteers will acquire skills in the organization and in the management process of large-scale cultural events, will improve their language skills and will develop their ability to work in a intercultural environment and in a team. The methods used will be entirely methods of non-formal education as well as practical activities related to the theme and aims of the project.

Through the presence of EVS volunteers in the local community we will promote the concept of volunteering and the benefits arising from the implementation of volunteering activities. We will also make popular EVS and the opportunities which the European Union offers to young people in order to help them to broaden their horizon and to unfold their potential.

We expect people who are interested in area of music, dances, street arts and so on.


Kandydatów prosimy o przesłanie swojego CV w j. angielskim na adres: Termin (decyduje kolejność zgłoszeń).

Ostatni dzień zgłoszeń na EVS do Francji

Szanowni Państwo,

Tylko do dziś można składać aplikacje do udzialu w długookresowym wolontariacie Europejskim, który będzie sie odbywał od marca do listopada 2015 (9 mies.)

Miejsce projektu: Lastours obok Carcassonne.

W załączniku są 2 formularze, z których jeden należy wypełnić (w zależności od preferencji).

Aby zgłosić swój udział, potrzebujemy CV kandydata w j. angielskim, a także wypełniony jeden z formularzy. Adres e-mail: Decyduje kolejność zgłoszeń

4 miejsca wolne na wyjazd EVS do Francji

Szanowni Państwo,

zapraszamy na udział w wolontariacie Europejskim.

  • 1 miejsce: wolontariat od marca do listopada 2015 (9 mies.) – długookresowy
  • 1 miejsce: wolontariat od kwietnia do maja 2015 (2 mies.) – krórkookresowy
  • 1 miejsce: wolontariat od czerwca do lipca 2015 (2 mies.)  – krórkookresowy
  • 1 miejsce: wolontariat od sierpnia do września 2015 (2 mies.)  – krórkookresowy

Miejsce projektu: Lastours obok Carcassonne.

W załączniku są 2 formularze, z których jeden należy wypełnić (w zależności od preferencji).

Aby zgłosić swój udział, potrzebujemy CV kandydata w j. angielskim, wskazanie terminu preferowanego udziału w EVS, a także wypełniony jeden z formularzy. Adres e-mail:,

Decyduje kolejność zgłoszeń, oczekujemy na Państwa zgłoszenia od zaraz.

EVS we Francji, od marca 2015 na 2 mies.

Projekt jest bogaty w doświadczenia, wolontariusz nie musi znać języka kraju do którego się wybiera. 

APLIKUJ JUŻ DO 14 STYCZNIA 2015 r. (wyślij swoje CV na adres

Opis projektu:
evsThe project aims at empowering volunteers with skills and focuses especially on the following goals: developing indipendency and adaptability, learning with others, planning their own work, respecting deadlines, managing time and take on responsibilities, deal with customers, improving their English and French.

The project has a significant commitment to the values ​​carried by the center in terms of recycling and sustainability. Volunteers are trained gradually to respect the environment. Ideally each volunteer after the project will have a more environment-conscious attitude and will continue to learn keep on in their search for information to become a respectful citizen of their own environment.

The proposed activitieswill give thevolunteerthe opportunity to learnmore about how tocreateawareness campaignsand activitiesabout the environment. They will be trained by professionals involved in the developement of the centre. All the skillslearned will beuseful and will provide informationto the volunteers.  The more volunteer will be interested and involvedinto theactivities the more the learning process will be interesting for them.

This project is providing skills that can help in achieving future employment. (introducing them to Web tools, learning how to run a construction site,training them on forest preservation, managing green spaces, taking care of farm animals…)

 Of course during all the evs the tutor will be watching over the development of the YouthPass helping the youngsters in understanding their learning process and assessing skills and knowledge acquired. During the whole duration of volunteering, volunteers will receive language support enabling them to learn French. Early in the project, in the first quarter or more if necessary, volunteers will benefit from language learning sessions two hours a week and then, one hour per week or two hours every fortnight.

The four long-term as well asthe two short-term volunteers will be given the same tools available to acquire and improve soft skills: adaptation to take on responsibility, indipendency, teamworking, self motivation and self-assessment.
Professionally, the proposed activities will focus on these different sectors: environment, international mobility, hospitality, tourism and communication.

Zadania stawiane przed wolontariuszem:
Volunteers will have an important supporting role. They will support the team in the daily management, development and evolution of the hosting organization.

Working time will not exceed 35 hours per week spread over five days of the week. The time periods and holidays will be defined in cooperation with volunteers, except for the period between 15 June and 15 September, which is the high-peak season with a lot of activities.

Attention will be paid to foster teamwork among young volunteers; firstly by organizing time all together on collective cooking, cleaning of common areas, building-based recovery or construction of land-type straw Eco, help to change the donkeys Park, collect stones for artistic construction around terminals water … On the other hand, each volunteer can bring a stone to the building on the overall project, so they can have an overview of activities to do for a project overall.
All the volunteers are asked to help with cleaning the common areas and preparing lunches. Both tasks address various life skills such as the discovery of green products for maintenance, how to cook for a large group, different diets and awareness of the past for quality results both in cleaning and cooking.

In addition they will work together during various events of green buildings, cultural events and open-days to show the place and spread its values. All these tasks will be completed in pairs to create a dynamic group based on cooperation and mutual aid.

We will also organize altogether one or more days or a weekend dedicated to the volunteers, their country, traditions and food. A moment of mutual discovery that won people’s appreciation last year. In this way volunteers will be able to experience the organisation of an event, THEIR OWN event.

Pełny opis projektu: TUTAJ


Wolontariat Europejski – Svitavy, Czech Republic

We are looking for 2 volunteers for long term EVS (12 months). Activities will start on 1st of February 2015 (till 30th of January 2016) and 1st of April 2015 (till 30th of March 2016). It means, that each volunteer will spend 12 months in MC Krucek.

We offer an open and friendly enviroment in a small collective of the Maternity and family centre. We are used to invite two volunteers for one year. We allready had volunteers from Russia, France, Spain and Georgia. The volunteer can learn cooperation that is important for the Maternity and family centre run. He/she will learn how to offer our service to the families with children and also how to use the feedback to develop our activities. The volunteer will be motivated to be active and to bring his/her own ideas and projects to make our service better. We think that the volunteer can gain new knowledge and abilities that can be utilized in organizing actions for family groups. Parents are mainly 25-40 years old.  Age of children is from 0 to 6 years old mostly.

  • Regular workshops for mothers and children
  •  Monthly program preparation
  • Babysitting
  • Preparation of the bigger actions for public
  • Comunication with parents, children
  • It is possible to cooperate with another organisations
  • Czech lessons-volunteer
  • Teaching English (by non formal methods)

Voluteers live in a block of flats. They have one flat in 6th floor with 3 rooms, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Each room is for one person. We usually have 2 volunteers, in the third room lives a girl from The Czech Republic and she helps as a support of volunteers.

Maternity centre Krůček is located in town Svitavy, which has approximately 18000 inhabitants. It is a small town with historical square. It’s in lightly hilled country of Svitavy highland in the northeast of Czech Republic. It is important transport junction; it has good position for tourists and interesting surroundings. There are plenty of touristic paths and bike roads.

There is an opportunity to visit cultural actions, for example a theatre, cinema, concerts, balls, museum, markets and library. Sport actions are on hockey pit, swimming pool, or sports hall. There is also a bowling centre, football and volleyball club and in-line trails.

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